Welcome to Fidias' Youtube University

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5,000/5,000 available

Cost 0.1 ether per NFT

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What you get with the uni pass nft

The Uni Pass NFT is your entry into Fidias' course which gives you access to his secret YouTube insights that will set any starting YouTuber on the fast-track path for viral success.

This in-depth course digs deep into the minds of successful YouTubers and reveals the most important steps for growing (and sustaining) fast, organic engagement.

In this course, Fidias shares all of his knowledge, secrets and tried/tested methods that he himself used (and still uses) to create successful YouTube videos from start to finish.

More Reasons to Get a Uni Pass NFT


Over the next 12 months, YOU will take part in interview w/ Fidias and some of THE BEST YouTubers incl. Airracks, Mathew Beem etc.


You'll have a chance to be selected and offered the opportunity to participate in Fidias's videos in the future.


Exclusive access to channels where you can collab, build connections & apply what you learn from the YouTube University Course.

Never Bought An NFT Before?

That's okay, we appreciate that not everyone knows how to mint an NFT, or even has a wallet setup yet... no problem, we got you!

Follow the easy steps below:

  1. Make sure you're using Google Chrome as you'll need a browser wallet extension
  2. We recommend MetaMask, you can download it here
    1. Caution: Double check the URL is metamask.io as may hackers attempt to clone this site
    2. Click Download Now, then on the following page click Install MetaMask for Chrome
      1. This should send you to the Chrome web store
      2. Caution: Double check that this is the correct extension and not a fake/malicious one! A good way to tell is by checking the amount of downloads and users (10m+)
      3. After you have confirmed this, click Add to Chrome
      4. A modal should then popup, click Add Extension
    3. Hurray! Nearly there, now just follow MetaMask's instructions
      1. If this is your first time, you'll likely want to click on Create a Wallet
      2. This next step is VERY Important: When the step about yourSecret Recovery Phrase comes up, pay VERY CLOSE attention and follow the instructions to the letter.
        1. Note: The Secret Recovery Phrase is NOT the same as your password
        2. Your Secret Recovery Phrase is your wallet. If someone has access to it, they can control your wallet and funds. We cannot stress this enough, NEVER share your Security Recovery Phrase with ANYONE (no one will ever need it to help you in any way)
          1. If ANYONE else gets your Security Recovery Phrase, your wallet is no longer secure. There is no way to reset it, Ethereum or MetaMask cannot help you and your wallet and its contents are no longer safe
        3. Once logged in you're all set up, now you'll need to send Ether to your wallet. You can do this from within the MetaMask extension, or transfer it from an exchange such as Coinbase, Crypto.com, FTX, etc.

How to use your UNI Pass NFT

After you've successfully purchased your Uni Pass NFT, you will have to verify this on Discord before being able to access the course.

Follow the quick and easy steps below:

  1. Join the Discord.
  2. Navigate to the #verify channel and follow the instructions to verify.

Once verified, you will have access to Fidias' YouTube University Course, as well as other exclusive channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube University is a course designed to give you access to Fidias' secret YouTube insights that will set any starting YouTuber on the fast-track path for viral success.

The YouTube University course will be available on Fidias' Discord server. In order to access the course you must have Uni Pass NFT in your Ethereum Wallet.

Fidias could have launched the YouTube University course in a web2 format. However, since becoming bullish in web3's sustainability and ownership, and believes that this is here to stay - he has grown passionate in learning more about Web3 and its growing community. By making this course NFT Exclusive, he hopes to encourage his followers to do the same.

You can buy up to 5 per transaction, but you only need 1 Uni Pass NFT to gain access to Fidias' YouTube University course.

The YouTube University Course will be beneficial for all YouTubers regardless of their subscriber count.

Yes, because the NFT is an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum network, you are able to trade it on marketplaces (e.g. Opensea, Looksrare, Gem.xyz, Rarible etc)

Short answer is no. Your Uni Pass NFT doubles as your entry for Fidias' course. As long as you have your Uni Pass, you will always have access!

While the design for each NFT is unique, they all have the same utility (enrollment to the YouTube University Course).